Femdom Smothering

Description:She continues with a hard and rough facesitting. Her loser takes it like a good boy, eating her pussy and ass hole. She teases him by standing up and quickly dropping it back down.


The Perfect Facesitting

Description: He spreads her butt cheeks and smothers his face deep, his tongue licking every inch of her tight ass hole and sweet pussy. She lies him down and takes a seat on his chin rubbing him up and down.


Stop Staring at Cindy's Ass

Description: She already has a toy to fulfill the ass worship she craves. He pulls down her shorts and kisses her ass cheeks, with a slap here and there. He spreads her cheeks apart, salivating over...


Outside Smothering

Description: "You scared?" she asks. He should be! "You like to steal panties?" she asks as she removes her outer clothing. "I'm going to make it so you can't breathe using those panties to stop up your mouth...


Long Facesitting

Description: Look at the way she grinds it in! That's one power pussy all right and she is content to hold it in place for ten minutes or more. When she finally lets him get a breath, he gasps like...


Hot Smothering

Description: She counts out loud - slowly - all the way to 60. This is agonizing to watch - she interrupts the count a number of times, soothe scene goes on longer than a minute. AND she is sitting on his lungs!