Cooking with Carolina

Description: Carolina figures, why serve food on her dining table when she can serve her juicy ass. If you were hungry for food, watching her show off that juicy ass will have you craving...


Facesitting Duo

Description: You want air or something like that? Goodness, you don't want to breathe, do you?" Following previous arrangement, alix taps the table to signal that he cannot take another second of smotheration.


Tattoo Smothering

Description: Jacklyn, who does not believe In the rules, says "That just means another minute to me" If you like to suffocation scenes that are long and painful and absolutely for real when they play on the edge...


Femme Fatal Facesittiing

Description: Her ass and thighs are well oiled by a willing slav who will later be subjected to facesitting whether he likes it or not She squeezes his testes mercilessly...


Lez Smothering

Description: This is comfortable! says Nicole. One less asshole in the world -- and he's going to die looking at an asshole. He's also going to die hard -- as they say in the movies.


Stop Staring at Cindy's Ass

Description: There's no real story here. What ya got, see, are two sadistic bitch Mistresses, Sabrina and Malitia. Sabrina is the one with the long flowing blonde tresses, Malitia has the legs that go on for several zip codes.